PoS, Signage & Posters

Our relationship with the retail sector goes back more than three decades, and along with other disciplines including brochure and leaflet production, we’ve taken on countless projects for point of sale, signage and posters. And although, on the face of it, it could be perceived that the design of this type of communication is simple and there’s not much to it, we would see things rather differently. For example, there’s a science behind internal store signage which is about creating a clear hierarchy of messaging, and this driven by position, size, format, colour, typeface, typography and relative length of the message. To a consumer they would of course be unaware of such principles when they’re in a larger retail store but, crucially, if the signage hierarchy has been done correctly then their shopping experience is an easier and more pleasurable one.

For point of sale and window posters, the task is of course often about impactful promotional messaging. And we know a fair bit about that as well, with our approach usually one which creates synergy between the printed material and other elements of the campaign we’re involved with – e.g. online banner ads. So as ever with our methodology on marketing campaigns, it’s about an integrated approach which creates synergy throughout and, crucially, in the minds of the consumer.