PPC Advertising

PPC is short for pay-per-click, which is about online search results you pay for. The main platform is Google AdWords, with this being driven by the fact that around 89% of all online searches in the UK are on Google.

Basically, there are two types of search results:
• Organic – which is achieved through search engine optimisation
• Paid – which is PPC and what we’re covering on this page

But... the two aren’t mutually exclusive, and indeed the relationships are both interesting and important:

1. Learning from PPC can be applied to SEO

There are a number of ways this works, but an important one is that you can find out exactly what phrases people typed in to reach your PPC ads (you can’t now entirely do this for organic because of privacy laws), then use those phrases more in content for organic results.

2. Adwords visibility can improve the number of organic clicks

Research shows that having strong results in Google AdWords can actually increase the number of organic clicks by up to 30%, with the driver for this being the higher level of authority in a consumer’s mind that’s gained through them seeing the same brand multiple times in the search results.

It’s also important to note that clicks from PPC are largely incremental to organic, with the level of this dependant on how high the organic results are. For example, even if your organic result is in the number one position, your paid ad in top position for the same phrase would generate 50% more clicks compared to not having it at all. And if you organic result appeared in position five, then the level of incremental clicks from your paid ad could be a staggering 96% higher.

So for most SMEs PPC makes a lot sense, but the Google Adwords platform is highly sophisticated and, if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s very easy to waste money. Because of the high level of expertise needed to manage PPC campaigns, we use a highly-trusted Google Accredited specialist. Of course you could find such a person yourself, but by channelling the work through us means it remains part of an integrated marketing plan – which itself is driven by an appropriate strategy. So we own the whole thing, take the headache off your desk, and ensure you get maximum value for money from your marketing spend.