Online Advertising

Programmatic advertising has changed everything

Well nearly everything, but what it most certainly has changed is this: Pre programmatic, online advertising was largely done by a human being buying space on a specific website or a range of websites that might be relevant to the people you were targeting. Programmatic works very differently, in that an algorithm makes your ad appear on almost any website (though you can also specify the type you don’t want it to appear on) and based on a range of criteria which is all about targeting the right audience. So if, for example, you wanted your ad – which could be a simple banner or a slick video – to be seen by men over 40 with an interest in salmon fishing and who live in the South East of England, then that’s who the ‘programmatic marketing platform’ will seek out. You could also set the criteria to include what time of day the ad should appear – so in this example probably evenings and weekends as the target audience is more likely to be engaged with the ad in their leisure time.

A further advantage of programmatic is that it can use ‘real time bidding’, meaning that someone’s behaviour and location can trigger an ad to appear. This can, for example, be particularly useful for retailers wanting to target specific types of consumer via their mobile phones when they’re in the vicinity of the retailer’s store.

What programmatic hasn’t changed is the need for the right creative and this driven by the right marketing strategy, and that’s something we’ll always focus on first.

Are other types of online advertising dead and buried?

No they’re definitely not, and there will still be individual cases where the right approach is to buy space on specific websites. There’s also social advertising to consider on platforms such as Facebook, and of course PPC (pay per click) which we’ve covered on a separate page.

How we can help SMEs through the online advertising minefield

Overall, online advertising is now a complex area which needs very careful planning and management, and of course with a clear and appropriate strategy behind it. What we’ve described above is only a very brief overview of what online advertising is now about, and there is much more to it that we haven’t even touched upon.

Our offer to SMEs on online advertising is to:
● Help them gain a broad understanding of the options
● Advise on an appropriate strategy and plan
● Come up with the right creative
● Manage the process
● Report on effectiveness

It might be that your requirements won’t be for this full list, and perhaps it’s just the strategy and planning element you need or the creative. But in any event we’re here to help and ensure you get maximum value from any online advertising activity.