Email Marketing

Email marketing is alive and well

Despite predictions in recent years about email marketing going into major decline because of social media, this just hasn’t happened. For one there’s now a far better understanding about the respective roles of both marketing tools, but also email marketing has evolved to meet the ever-changing marketing landscape – particularly around the extent to which it can and should be personalised.

Here are some stats which gives a sense of how valuable email marketing is:
• Around 55% of ecommerce businesses generate 10% of their sales through email
• For B2B, 80% of people creating content use email
• And, perhaps surprisingly, email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers compared to Facebook and Twitter

Maybe you’re not currently using email marketing at all, or perhaps you are but are disappointed with the results? Either way, we have the expertise to help, and can work with any existing email marketing platform you have, or run campaigns through our preferred platform which is Mailchimp. And ahead of the execution, we’ll be ensuring you have the right message for your campaign, in the right tone of voice for your brand, and with a layout and design which maximises the level of engagement. We can also agree with you a range of metrics to assess effectiveness, and report these after the campaign has been implemented.