Brochures & Leaflets

Brochure and Leaflet Design and Production

This an area we have vast experience in, and indeed we’ve been designing and project managing the production of brochures and leaflets since our inception over 30 years ago. We’ve done this for retail giants such as Argos, right down to the smallest SME who just wants a print run of a few hundred.

In the digital age we live in, it could be suggested that printed brochures and leaflets are no longer relevant. However, although it’s obvious that printed material has significantly declined as consumers routinely access the same information online – and through a plethora of devices – the fact is that print can still have a role. For one, it’s still actually easier for someone to quickly flick through pages in a brochure than it is scroll though the same content on a screen. And although, clearly, a transaction can’t be made through the brochure, some consumers prefer to choose from a printed page but order online – so use the two types of media in tandem. And for leaflets, there’s the immediacy and simplicity of being able to get a piece of printed communication straight into someone’s hand.

We’re able to handle the whole brochure and leaflet process, from concept design, artwork production, print management, and even distribution.