St Albans High School for Girls Summer Campaign

There has been a gradual awakening of independent schools embracing modern marketing strategies in recent years. The marketing landscape has changed and more and more often, schools are turning to design and marketing agencies to help them navigate these changes. For these schools to thrive, their marketing message needs to be loud and clear, differentiating it from the alternatives.

St Albans High School, a highly reputable independent girls school, approached us to work on their 2018 Summer campaign. Naturally, the academic achievement of their students is high on the school’s agenda, indeed, one of their aims is to develop the passion for learning within their students and with the vast majority of their girls going on to attend top universities, they are certainly accomplishing just that. However, they also appreciate that for their students to attain good results, they need to experience an environment that enriches their social skills and offers co-curricular opportunities with every child having the opportunity to get muddy outdoors, to play and to have fun. Essentially, the nurturing of both the girls’ hearts and minds is key.

It was this ‘whole package’ that we wanted to communicate through our creative. Good grades are naturally important, but to parents, the happiness of their child is just as important.

The outcome was that we proposed actually incorporating this key message into the name of the logo. It shows confidence in their brand – that they are secure enough in their identity as a whole, to enable something different visually to happen. And in doing this, the message is communicated clearly and along with the introduction of the brighter blue, a striking look and feel is achieved, giving them standout from their competitors.

St Albans High School for Girls Creative Agency

We then implemented this approach through several items, from social media to banner ads. The client was bowled over.

St Albans High School for Girls Digital Marketing

The results show that by using our creative the digital campaign over performed by 400% - securing nearly 80 hours of brand exposure (compared to the expected 20 hours). This was described as “surprisingly high and can be put down to the striking design by MCS”.

Nothing makes us happier than our clients being happy.