The Hospice of St Francis - Charity Fundraising Event Creative

Tasked to come up with a new fundraising event for The Hospice of St Francis, we needed an idea with universal appeal, that would leverage new and existing supporters, and would particularly draw in a younger crowd. Our concept was a month of denial of your naughtiest habits, named Give Up 2 Give Back.  

Tactically timed to link in with the 2018 New Year’s resolutions, supporters were asked to give something up, or exchange it for a less sinful alternative – traditional resolutions such as alcohol, chocolate, and cakes, or more unusual suggestions such as substituting takeaway coffees for instant, or shop-bought sandwich lunches for home-made ones.  

Funds are raised by either donating what they would have spent on that item over the course of January, or fundraising in support of their abstention.

A visually eye-catching identity was created for the event, featuring a £2 coin symbolic logo. The modern, unusual iconography stands out from the usual Hospice communications, marking the event as something young and fun - enticing to a new audience. This identity has been translated into a poster, website designs, social media “medals” to mark weekly progress, penalty cards for those in need of some time out, and a social media profile picture overlay – the latest innovation to show your friends that you are participating in an event.

We’re looking forward to seeing the results in the New Year.