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Signage Guidelines

Haven Caravan Sales were needing a fresh pair of eyes to review the design and layout of their signage options across their 36 parks. They were finding that with the high number of outlets nationally, inconsistencies were creeping in, resulting in a lack of clarity throughout their signage, in their messaging and visual execution. Haven approached MCS to produce a set of comprehensive Signage Brand Guidelines that would be used across their parks. We started by compiling examples of all levels of signage, on and off park. We also needed to take into consideration the variations of size and location, the different target audiences as well as the hierarchy of messaging. This meant a significant amount of time was needed to collate the extensive information in a way that would be coherent for the end user.

In order to break down the vast volume of different signage types, we categorised into clearly defined groupings whilst maintaining the Haven branding. Using Haven’s colour palette we clearly demonstrated the different levels of messaging and created clear boundaries relating to the use of different font styles.

Haven Caravan Sales were very happy with the completed Guidelines, which provided the parks with direction on how best to execute their varied signage requirements, bringing brand and visual synergy across all parks.