The Return Of The Great British Bake Off

Some of my favourite childhood memories revolve around learning to bake. With my mother and grandmother, carefully crafting jam tarts, fairy cakes, rice crispy treats. And, of course, getting to lick the spoon afterwards. It’s no wonder that baking is thoroughly entrenched in our national psyche, something which the brilliant producers at the BBC recognised, leading to the creation of the nation’s favourite: The Great British Bake Off.

When Channel 4 swooped in to poach the glorious entity, they were heavily criticised, and die-hard fans have been skeptical ever since. From the depleted line up (no more Mel and Sue or the inimitable Mary Berry) to the shortened format (those dastardly ad breaks), the doubters are vocal. And, I’ll admit it, I was one of them.

But, a few weeks ago they launched the new promo for the show. And I love it. Steering away from live action footage trying to convince us that Noel Fielding and Sandy Toksvig can be anywhere near as funny as Mel and Sue, the brilliant minds at 4creative have created a magical wonderland of stop-motion baked goods, singing along to Paul McCartney’s We All Stand Together. It’s bizarre yet fascinating, a little bit creepy at times, and utterly engrossing. Such a fresh approach to the publicity leaves me wondering, what else is in store? Maybe, just maybe, I’ll tune in tonight and give it a chance.

For anyone brave enough to be leveraging the commercial opportunities the C4 home brings, The Drum’s Richard Poustie provides an analysis: