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Creative Concepting

A creative concept is driven by the marketing strategy and plan, and is the first stage in the creative process, ahead of getting into channel and media-specific applications. So the creative concept is a big idea – both visual and words – which once agreed, forms the basis for anything from advertising, a website or brochure design.

Often we’ll present a number of creative concepts, and for us it’s about embracing all ideas and exploring a wide range of possibilities using our client and industry insight, whilst exploring textures, colours, shapes and themes – but always keeping the strategy and plan firmly in mind.

Brand & Visual Identity

A brand’s visual identity is developed as an output of the brand strategy exercise. Visual identity is part of a wider brand identity (which includes tone of voice – the language of the brand), with the total result being the face of the brand and how the brand owner wants the world to see it. For example, if one of the brand’s values is to be friendly and caring, then this should be expressed by what someone sees – and of course experiences.

A visual identity project will culminate in a set of guidelines, with the contents including: logo, logo usage, colour palette, typefaces, typography, use of imagery and examples of different applications. This then means that anyone designing for the brand (internally or externally) creates a consistent look and feel, and gives your brand the presence it deserves across all channels and all media. We have a set process that we follow to ensure that we take the right approach.

Tone of Voice

This is about the language of the brand, and along with the visual elements forms part of a brand’s identity. Tone of voice has become an increasingly important element of brand identity over the last decade or so, and in part driven by the raft of communication we’re all bombarded with on a daily basis via digital channels. So many brands now use language to express the face of their brand even more than they do visual elements.

We can create a distinct and appropriate language for your brand, and be it based on everything you currently stand for, or as an output of a brand strategy project we’ve completed for you.


Let’s face it, you have a limited time to grab the attention of your target audience – mere seconds when it comes to digital. So not only does your copy need to be relevant to the consumer and on-brand by using the correct tone of voice, it also needs to be appropriate to the medium. And for digital, it must be SEO friendly.

At MCS we work across a broad range of briefs; anything from brand-building in a trade publication for a serious B2B offer, to a light and witty post on a B2C company’s Facebook page in order to increase frequency of purchase. Our approach to the copywriting task for each would be completely different but equally impactful.


There’s nothing we love more than taking a concept and bringing it to life in the real world. We interpret the brief, take the brand guidelines (which we may also have created) and develop the designs for the required channels and media. We’re fairly unique in our deep understanding of both the print and digital worlds, having years of experience in producing everything from leaflets, Point-of-Sale and packaging to webpages, digital banners and responsive emails – to name a few.

We approach design with focus, concentration and discipline, to ensure that we produce the very best work that both MCS and our clients can be proud of.


When it comes to responsive web or mobile, we place great importance on UX – User Experience Design. This must be in place before embarking on the design. Our UX designer sets about asking all of the right questions, gathering all of the information we need about the objectives and the audiences to shape our approach.

It keeps our developers happy too – they have a solid set of wireframes (along with designs) from which to build the website or mobile app from.