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Brand Identity and Marketing Support

CHH grew into a leading electronics organisation and asked MCS to help them tell ‘the world’ what they’d become and what they can do. First, brand identity. We felt strongly that the logo should be refreshed rather than changed dramatically. Through consultation, we established a visual identity that fitted their personality but also had enough scope to encompass their sub brands.

We spent some time making sense of the myriad of sub brands (products and services) and industry sectors. A large slice of the workforce didn’t know the full extent of CHH’s capabilities. We therefore developed an internal brand - This is what we do - and a programme of activity to educate and ensure ongoing involvement in the promotion of CHH to its customers.

In reception, we created a gallery of their sub brands to inspire visitors and employees alike. Agile, Genius and Scope communicate the ‘clever thinking’ that goes on in CHH.

We made online the focal point for communicating with customers. The website became the next best thing to meeting them; on one level, visitors could gain an impression through video trips round the warehouse and briefings from key employees, or they could delve deeper into product and service detail. We produced regular email alerts updating the database on product and service changes. The overwhelming reaction was “Can we talk; I hadn’t realised you could do this kind of work.”