Brand identity agency, Hertfordshire

Brand identity is made up of a number of elements, primarily and the part most people associate with the term ‘brand identity’ is your visual identity. This covers your logo, colour palette and tone of voice (the language of the brand) and imagery. The actual identity carries much further into the ethos of your brand, your customer’s experience of your business – online and offline, which is a whole other conversation.

A brand’s visual identity needs to be synonymous with how that brand/business wants to be perceived. The colours/shape and tone should impress the relevant message to your existing and potential customers.

Whether you have a new business requiring something from scratch or refreshing an existing brand, developing your brand identity begins with understanding. Understanding your vision for your business and how you’d like it be perceived and also your target audiences and who you are wanting to reach.

Following a brand strategy exercise, we will move on to create your visual identity. This will culminate in a set of guidelines which includes your logo, logo usage, colour palette, typefaces, typography, use of imagery and examples of different applications.

This then means that anyone designing for the brand (internally or externally) creates a consistent look and feel, and gives your brand the presence and recognition across all channels and all media. At MCS we have a set process that we follow to ensure that any brand identity that we create remains strong and consistent across all contact points.