Brand Identity for Small Businesses

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Making your business stand out from the crowd

As a business, your brand is one of the most important things you own. It’s the public face of your company, the first thing most customers will see, and the way they will learn to recognise you. Handled well, a strong brand can create consumer confidence, draw added value perception, and even create an emotional response. It’s powerful stuff.

For a small business, or a company just getting started, it is more important than ever. A new brand can often be rushed or overlooked, but getting it right first time, and giving it the care and love it deserves and needs at this vital stage, will potentially save you a great deal of money and time further down the line.

So, what is brand identity? More than just your logo, it’s all the elements that layer together to build your brand. From an iconic and suitable colour palette, to fonts, typography and imagery, the visual elements are vital. Your name, strapline, tone of voice and core brand messaging add a further layer to bring your brand to life. Your logo is the culmination of all of these, an encapsulation of your brand essence in a single visual.

A strong brand can impact your business in so many ways – here are just a few to consider:

1) It’s how your company will be recognised
Never underestimate the power of a logo to drive recognition. Some of the most famous brands in the world can be recognised without a name, or without even their whole logo (check out our branding quiz for some examples of these, here). Your logo should be your company brought to life, simple and professional, useable in all situations where it might need to be positioned, and easy for others to work with.

2) It’s how you build trust
The power of branding in building trust is well documented, with consumers regularly choosing known, trusted brands over “own label” products, despite there being little difference in the end item. Your brand can evoke an emotional response in customers, reminding them of their youth, or of a particular experience. It can also create a sense of professionalism and legitimacy in a busy world. As more and more business transactions are done online, trust is particularly important.

3) It’s how people will refer to you
Building recommendations and advocacy is a key way of growing your business and attracting new customers. Your brand is the way that people talk about you. The truly great brands become synonymous with the items they sell – for example, Hoover for vacuum cleaners.

4) It can build you financial value
A strong brand adds incremental value to your business, above and beyond the value of your hard assets. Should you trade on a stock market or wish to sell your company, the value your brand can add can be huge. There’s a big financial return to be had from investing properly in your brand.

5) It can build your business into a family
A strong brand identity and clear vision or purpose can inspire your employees, and help to attract new staff who buy into your ethos.

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